Restroom Cleaning

Southern Coast Janitorial is committed to exceeding your expectations and our integrity is unmatched throughout the industry. We provide unsurpassed restroom cleaning through active management and outstanding quality control measures. We know that our customers trust us not only with their facility but with their image as well. We understand just how important the cleanliness of your restrooms maintenance is to you, your customers and your employees.

Quality cleaning

Restrooms often are critizized by end users as not being clean. Some such problems might result from the improper scheduling of certain tasks, such as emptying trash too infrequently. Or problems also might arise from the fact that quality cleaning is not being performed. For example, cleaning crews often use chemicals incorrectly, do not follow procedures, or show a general in attention to detail — all of which can lead to dissatisfied customers.

"We implement a program exactly tailored for your workplace"

Supply problems

Inadequate or poor-quality restroom supplies often are sources of criticism. Also, housekeeping staff too often receive the wrong chemicals for cleaning. Failure to provide the right chemicals can lead to dirty restrooms and even damaged fixtures.

"We use only the best cleaning products available"

Odor control

Many restrooms have unpleasant odors, some of which result from the way odors are handled. Instead of eliminating odors at the source through the use of quality disinfectants or odor-counteractants, facilities mask the odors with a spray or perfume that wears off shortly. Most odor problems result from a lack of cleaning or from failing to use appropriate cleaning chemicals.

"There is no reason why we shouldn't be making sense over scents "


Too often, housekeeping personnel are shuttled off to clean restrooms with minimal training and limited equipment. Restrooms are one of the hardest areas to keep clean, but good training will ensure quality results. Housekeeping staffs need to be trained in procedures and methods for maintaining restrooms efficiently.

"Our state of the Art Equiptment will get the job done right!"


Often, cleaners receive a broom, a mop, a bucket and instructions to clean the restrooms. Using the right equipment in the right manner creates the desired results, but failure to provide the right equipment can lead to a cleaning disaster.

Southern Coast Janiorial understands the concerns of our customers, and we make sure to provide quality office cleaning services for your company without compromising the security of your office or facility. Leave the office cleaning needs to the experts at Southern Coast Janitorial. For more information on our office cleaning services & rates please request a free estimate. Please use the QUICK QUOTE form above to request a free estimate today! We look forward to having the chance to exceed your expectations
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